Detox Coming Soon!?!

I’m still D.R.E.

According to the Twitter account of E! News’ Michael Yo, the legendary producer will be hooking up with one of Hip Hop’s premier artists for his first single: “Look for it this week New Jay Z and Dr Dre!!!” tweeted Yo.

So…Dr. Dre will be dropping his first single from his highly anticipated The Detox this week (???) and I don’t know about you but the mere dream of getting a taste of the new album leaves me intoxicated.

The Good Dr. has been at the herald of perennial classics from NWA’s “F*%k Tha Police”  to 50 Cents‘ multi-platinum debut album “Get Rich or Die Tryin’”.

Forget about his stint with The World Class Wrecking Crew (hey…everyone one has to pay their dues, right?…and at least we got the slow-jam-mixtape staple “Turn Off The Lights“) and his numerous album release dates (wasn’t the album supposed to drop a lifetime ago?) and you have a producer that has earned has quite frankly earned his status as a super-producer.

With all that said, is it now safe to say that The Detox will be released before the end of the year? I hope so, but only time will tell. In the meantime, I’m going to keep banging out Chronic 2001 until Dre redeems himself for not putting out his own full length LP in over a decade.


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