Heart Healthy Hip-Hop

Black males are 30% more likely to die from heart disease than their non-black counterparts. This is possibly due to a vast proportion of African-Americans diets (“Soul Food” isn’t exactly “Heart Food” and does more damage to our bodies than many of us are aware), obesity and diabetes.

As you may or may not be already aware, Keith “Guru” Elam from Gang Starr slipped into a coma after suffering a massive heart attack this past Sunday.

There are risk factors for heart disease that we need to be aware of which includes those that cannot be changed such as age, sex and heredity as well as preventable factors such as smoking, blood cholesterol levels, physical activity levels, obesity and diabetes mellitus. Drinking alcohol in moderation and developing healthy stress coping techniques will also minimize your chances of developing heart disease.

Take care of your bodies and watch what you eat. Take heed ladies and gentlemen…you have total responsibility of what you put into your bodies.

As always, take care of yourself and others.



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