Detox Coming Soon!?!

I’m still D.R.E.

According to the Twitter account of E! News’ Michael Yo, the legendary producer will be hooking up with one of Hip Hop’s premier artists for his first single: “Look for it this week New Jay Z and Dr Dre!!!” tweeted Yo.

So…Dr. Dre will be dropping his first single from his highly anticipated The Detox this week (???) and I don’t know about you but the mere dream of getting a taste of the new album leaves me intoxicated.

The Good Dr. has been at the herald of perennial classics from NWA’s “F*%k Tha Police”  to 50 Cents‘ multi-platinum debut album “Get Rich or Die Tryin’”.

Forget about his stint with The World Class Wrecking Crew (hey…everyone one has to pay their dues, right?…and at least we got the slow-jam-mixtape staple “Turn Off The Lights“) and his numerous album release dates (wasn’t the album supposed to drop a lifetime ago?) and you have a producer that has earned has quite frankly earned his status as a super-producer.

With all that said, is it now safe to say that The Detox will be released before the end of the year? I hope so, but only time will tell. In the meantime, I’m going to keep banging out Chronic 2001 until Dre redeems himself for not putting out his own full length LP in over a decade.


Scarface + Dopeman Music Mixtape = Another Classic

The mixtape has been and it looks as if will continue to be the emcee’s way of releasing new material. Artists have been releasing mixtapes (when they were actual tapes) for over a decade.

The legendary Kool Herc heralded the movement by selling his recorded live sets on the streets of New York City. Other DJ’s followed suite. Legendary DJ’s Ron G and Doo-Wop totally remodeled the game by releasing exclusive freestyles, blends and new material from your favorite well-known and some not well known emcee’s.

Pretty soon (sometime this Spring) Scarface, the proclaimed “King of the South”, will be dropping his first ever mixtape and I’m sure it will be well appreciated, due to lack lack of lyrical content and creativity evident in today’s state of hip-hop (but I will call most of it hip-pop).

Most are certain that his “first” will be much more respected than another one our pioneers first venture into the mixtape circuit.

Ever since their 1990 album of the same name, the Geto Boys (Mr. Scarface, Bushwick Bill and Willie D) have been called the original “Kings of the South” with Scarface claiming the role as czar. Fans of Mr. Scarface haven’t heard from this legend in some time and hopefully with this new material, he will solidify his status as a musical genius.

As always take care of yourself and one another. Continue to write, dream big and be thankful for what you have.


Sunday March 28, 2010’s Video of the Day

Today’s video comes from the lovely Ms. Erykah Badu. Since 1997’s Baduizm this beautiful queen has continued to bless her listeners with timeless classics such as On & On, Tyrone and Bag Lady. The year 2010 brings us yet another album filled with enough goodies to keep our musical appetites full until next time.

As always take care of yourself and one another. Continue to write, dream big and be thankful for what you have.


Allow me to reintroduce myself…

Welcome Back

First, I want to apologize for not updating my blog recently for I’ve been suffering from a case of writer’s block. Second, I would like to welcome you to my new home.

Where Have You Been?

As you may or may not have already found out via my account on Blogger, I’ve moved. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know…why so soon? I feel like that I will be given more creative freedom here on WordPress. Yes, I’ve moved and all of my “furniture” has yet found a place but it is in “storage” and I will be decorating soon, so don’t worry about the lack of asthetics right now…I’m still feeling my way around this place right now.

What’s Been In The News Lately?

A lot has happened since we last spoke. Tiger announced his return to golf, Sarah Palin has announced her and TLC’s plans for a new reality series and President Obama has accomplished the impossible–reforming the United States screwed up health care system.

Now I know that there are those people that are for it, against it and don’t have a damn clue what this bill entails.

For those that do not know what’s in the bill, I will refer you to a page on that I hope will give you a better picture that’s not full of misleading propaganda.

For those of you that are for the new bill, I applaud you along with the millions of others Americans who couldn’t obtain, were dropped or who couldn’t afford health care insurance…(I could go on and on about this issue but I think I will stop right here and save this topic for a future post).

The Texas State Board of Education is trying to change history??

If you don’t believe me, check this out

Texas Textbook Controversy – ABC News.

The people of Haiti still need our help…just because we aren’t spoon-fed video footage from this natural disaster that has caused devastation and what-may-seem-to-be-a-hopeless-situation to some, it doesn’t mean that all is well. A host of organizations are out that that will see to it that your money goes directly to the people and will aid their situation (their history doesn’t give us too much hope for this but let’s just hope this changes soon).

As always take care of yourself and one another. Continue to write, dream big and be thankful for what you have.


Do you Twitter?

In the beginning there was MySpace

…And for a while it seemed as though everything was perfect. MySpace and it was, for a time, the “precise” social networking tool…for some it was the best thing since sliced bread. But then there came a shift…MySpace started to get out out of hand. Kids as young as 12 and 13 began to infiltrate the network. Pages began popping up out of nowhere with hideous page layouts and insane, mindless comments. And on top of everyone’s “friend” Tom, friend requests began to pop up from out of know where…everyone from spammers to techno-weirdo’s began requesting my cyberspace friendship.

Here comes the college kids with FaceBook

I have no problems with this application. Facebook began as a collegiate social networking site for university students to communicate on a technologically social level. Several years post its birth, it too became open to those in and out of school…just about everyone these days has or knows someone with a Facebook account. I pray that this will not suffer the same fate as its younger brethren.

and then there was a little birdie…Twitter

I have a question for all of you.

How many of you use Twitter? I’m not talking about those of you who simply follow your favorite celebrities. No, I’m talking about those of you that actually use Twitter for what it was intended…a dynamic social networking micro-blog that allows people to update instantaneously to mass quantities. Critical information can thus be communicated as instantaneously as sending a phone call. Think of it as a 2nd generation AOL Instant Messenger.

What is Twitter? 

A co-worker recently asked me what Twitter was and my opinion of it. Staying aware of my self-imposed duty to keep my peers aware of the latest technology, I told her that Twitter is the preeminent way of communicating in 2010. Not only could you follow the latest news, techie and whatever other media outlets your heart desires, but also follow friends, co-workers and random people with interesting things to say. I then told her that she didn’t even have to actually post a tweet to belong on Twitter, she could simply assume the role as a cyber-voyeur until she felt more comfortable to actually become engaged…and the best part of it…it’s all absolutely FREE (for now)!

On the 7th day…

So in conclusion, get out there and Tweet…tweet about your neighborhood, your favorite coffee (I sure would like to know), etc. Feel free to tweet about anything.  The message I would like to get across is simply embrace technology for it can be your friend (and your enemy as well if you aren’t careful).

Social Networking Guides

As always, take care of yourself and one another…Peace