Looking for that ladder to success?

What is success? In other words, what does it mean to be successful?

Is it money…does having money (and I’m talking about lots of it, or just enough to put yourself at ease in terms of paying the bills and making sure your family eats with a roof over your heads) equate success?

Or is success mean getting up out of bed each day doing what you love and simply enjoying life, even when you’re at “work”.

For those of you that have found that balance I salute you. My hat goes off to all of you who have systematically followed their dreams, with shear determination and desire in the eyes, and never gave up when all hope was lost until you realized your destiny.

The media professional in me tells me to be creative and not to be afraid to showcase my talents. Keep blogging because I have important information that my audience wants to hear. Create discussions and share information.

The realist in me tells me that I need to focus on the present and not place so much time into my blog.

“>”little hater”
oftentimes works with the realist and tells me that I don’t have much to offer or “you’re not good enough to create a successful blog..”. I’m successful because I’m creating my own blog, without the help from anyone. It’s my ideas in my own little space on the world wide web.

If you merely follow your dreams, then you are taking the first steps towards your success in life. If your desire is strong enough to form your dreams into reality, then you will become blessed with success and everything that comes with it. Just stay focused, follow your plan (you do have one…don’t you) and never, ever give up.

As always, take care of yourself and one another…


One thought on “Looking for that ladder to success?

  1. success is discovering your place,your grace,design,purpose and flow with it,we are all created by God to be an asset to our world,discover your place and give it all you got….soft touch business solution

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