The Blame Game

Let’s talk accountability. Are some people held fully responsible for their actions while others are exempt? If so, is this how things should operate?

Should ex-green jobs czar Van Jones be held accountable for his previous statements (those statements that he has since recanted)? Should we hold accountable our government or Wall Street for this “Great Reccesion”?

Should employees be held accountable for their words/actions in the workplace? What about his/her supervisor? Shouldn’t they be held responsible as well? What, if any, type of disciplinary action should that person endure if found guilty for not upholding to their part of the bargain?

Should a husband be held totally responsible for his infidelity if he wasn’t receiving what he felt entitled to from his wife?

In the end, every person should take responsibility for their own actions and not dig up excuses as a scapegoat in times of desperation. We were not placed on this planet to play the blame game when things don’t done and we have someone to answer to.

Please feel free to respond to my blog and, as always, take care of yourself and others.



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